What is CopytradeCoin?

On CopytradeCoin you can make leveraged trades on one of our markets and profit from rising or falling prices. Deposits, withdrawals and trades are credited in your account’s base cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. CopytradeCoin is not an exchange where you can convert your funds to fiat currencies like USD or EUR - it is solely a platform to trade on market price movements.

Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies enable users to send and receive payments without the need for a middleman or central authority. Bitcoin is the first and most prominent cryptocurrency which was released as open-source software in 2009 and is an accepted currency on CopytradeCoin. Acquiring cryptocurrency is, in most countries, very simple - you can find a lot of platforms that offer such a service with a simple Google search. The price of cryptocurrencies is based on demand and supply.

Creating an account

Creating an account only takes a few seconds and only a valid email address is required at the moment. After receive our email, there is link to go through login.

Depositing funds

Before you can trade on CopytradeCoin, you need to deposit cryptocurrency via the "Deposit" page (you need to login to see the page). If you have no experience with cryptocurrencies, make sure to educate yourself about the basic concepts of this technology. Deposits are free of charge and are automatically credited once confirmed.

Withdrawing funds

You can withdraw your funds at any time on the "Withdraw" page (you need to login to see the page). Withdrawing funds is subject to a small fee to cover our transaction costs. Outgoing transactions are processed fully automated and it should only take a few seconds until they are propagated to the network.


Copytrade features

Allows clients to copy the trades of experienced and successful managers. Copytrade was initially only available to institutional clients but was later made available to retail managers. Its automated nature can help prevent investors from making emotion-based trading decisions.

Share funding features

Allows clients to follow the trades of company which is can earn profit by day. There are 3 phases for joining, client must contact us to get the details and which phase is currently running.

Escrow trade features

There are two types of trade which is Instant Order and Pending Order. For Instant Order, every profit block complete (5% from margin), automatically withdraw transfer into recent address and maximum block complete 22 times (100% margin + 10% profit). For Pending Order, every profit block complete (5% from margin), automatically transfer into main balance as a UNTC and maximum block complete 28 times (100% margin + 40% profit).